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Cloud-based company management

Have your company under control 24-7

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Create and manage work orders

Create tasks and orders, and assign them to your employees.

Track the orders progress and expiration date.

Approve the ready orders and rate your employees.

Generate orders labels.

Automated check if the items in your storage are enough to satisfy your active orders.

Your storage and items, organized

Because all your items have a price and production time, we calculate the orders cost and approximate production time

Keep track of all your company activities (products, services, consumables, tools).

Assign them a price, production time and where do you store them in your facilities.

Set up Individual alarms for low quantity.

Keep your employees close to you

You may rate your employees after any finished order. This combined with the knowledge of their production speed, shown after every individual order, you may build a very accurate opinion about each of your employees

Manage vacations, sick days, and unpaid leaves.

Assign tools and consumables to your employees.

Rating and rank of the employees.

Each employee status and how far in the future they are occupied.

Automate your employee's scheduled work time (start, breaks, end).

Create not-assigned orders and allow your employees to choose their tasks.

Know your production capacity

Be aware of your production machines health and how far in the future they are occupied

Let your employees write comments and feedback on your production machines.

Assign technical problems and approve after the fix.

Each machine status and how far in the future they are occupied.

Manage your company

Enhanced management access

Import your current company data from spreadsheets (.csv) files directly to your newly created company account.

Create access groups and assign permissions and limitations to your employees.

Create multiple work time schemes in different time zones and manage your employee's work appearance everywhere in the world.

Employee account

Nice design and user accessibility.

Work related notifications.

Personal avatar.

Claim for vacation and vacation history.

Feedback and comments to your company (anonymous optional).

Select an employee language (if available)

Customizable system colors, plus dark and light theme

Coming soon

The key to success in any company is good management. We are committed and continuously working to make the best company helper tool and help you reach success!

Company chat.

Mobile app. Although the current website user interface is fully compatible with most of the modern mobile browsers, we think a mobile app will provide a better user experience.

Calendar for company-related events, scheduling meetings, assigning long-term or future tasks, etc...

Outer the calendar and allow people outside of the company to schedule a meeting with an employee considering their current availability and accessibility.

Employee's personal presence register, according to their personal work schedule.

Developing an electronic device for capturing fingerprints, data from RFID tags, and face recognition, to work in collaboration with the presence register.

Translating the system to as many languages as possible.

Employees and machines performance statistics.

Accountant helper tool

Export your company data.

Delete your old company data. This will free some server data storage and reduce your bill